Carrion Crown AP

Day 2-3, Lamashan 10 - 11

The Journal and the Crypt

Convenning for lunch at the Laughing Demon, the group spent some time chatting with Zokar Elkarid and planning various activites for the afternoon, most pointedly, Taras and Mirram cleaned the blood from the desecrated memorial statue. They also used this time to scout around the area for more clues but came up empty-handed.

Heading back to the Lorrimor house, the travelers discovered that Kendra had left, attaching a 2nd lock to the chest of books, along with a note.

Discovering the posting poles about town, maintained by Zokar’s son Pevrin, the group set about a couple different areas of town, seeking various forms of employment or information. An apple pie was involved.

As evening fell, the group returned to the Laughing Demon to enjoy Zokar’s newest creation, a tuber and ham dish he called the Executioner’s Scythe. According to the tavern owner, the dish was based on a story shared by a friend his son; supposedly the lad had seen Harrowstone’s executioner walking around one of the prison’s balconies, scythe in hand.

Galifreyna left after dinner to speak with the innkeeper Sarrianan Vai of the Outward Inn. There she discovered Kendra dining with the well-dressed man who helped to carry the professor’s coffin. He reintroduced himself as Adivion Adrissant and invited Galifreyna to join them, but she declined.

Shortly, the group and Kendra met up in the Professor’s library and read the professor’s journal. After lengthy discussion, they decided to approach Father Vauran Grimburrow about patrolling the Restlands for troublemakers (due to a posting) and were able to convince him to let them enter the cemetery alone.

The group took this opportunity to venture into the false crypt and uncovered a hidden cache of items; various magic arrows, potions, scrolls, and a darkwood case containing a spirit board with a Spirit Planchette, Brass, and several Haunt Siphons. Also two giant centipedes, which, though separated, they quickly dispatched. The group completed their patrol and reported an uneventful night to the head of the clergy. Returning once again to the Lorrimor home, Kendra and Galifreyna identified all the cached items and they party retired to a short rest.

After a few hours sleep, Hadrian, Taras, and Elsbeth sought daily employment at a nearby farm, serving as threshers for the grain harvest. However, this hard labor proved to be too much for Taras and he shortly quitted the fields. Galifreyna, fully rested returned to the temple to aid in further healing and then had a mostly uneventful encounter with local old crazy man, Larkin. Mirram stayed at the house to keep Kendra company and see about some simple duties.

Session ended in the early evening, with the various group members heading back to the Lorromir house.



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