Carrion Crown AP

Day 20, Lamashan 28

Bones and Maidens

As the group journeys northward into the passageway marked “The Oubliette,” the metal door to the nearby guard room slams open and a headless skeleton, wreathed in flame and wielding a handaxe charges out, attacking the party. It laid about with its axe, dealing massive wounds and fire damage before being put down, exploding into fiery bone shards.

They continued on to The Oubliette, a cell block surrounding a pit in the floor, covered with a metal grating. A lanky spirit roared up through the opening in the grate, carrying a large axe. The Lopper. It quickly flew about, swinging the axe with abandon, the incorporeal weapon cutting directly through armor and body alike, leaving large gashes that bled continuously, the blood drifting into the air and healing the spirit. The hateful spirit appeared interested in dealing wounds to as many enemies as possible, pulling back only when faced with fire. In time, The Lopper’s wraith fell before the group. Mirram was carefully lowered into the oubliette’s cell and retrieved various items from its depths.

Venturing back through the central dungeon chamber, the group took the west path into Reaper’s Hold. The portcullis to this chamber had been lowered and the split to locate the winch to open the passage. Taras and Mirram located the winch in the ramshackle guard room, while across the hall, Hadrian and Elsbeth found the Captain’s Office. Scattered bits of mail and arrows littered the floor, but on the desk sat 3 shattered skulls, the fragments arranged as if in an attempt to construct a forth skull from the pieces. A long-dead corpse of a red-haired dwarf lay nearby. As they approached, the skulls rose up, screaming, while the spirit of a sobbing dwarf arose from the body, another ghostly skull floating in the air behind it.

Calling for assistance, Hadrian and Elsbeth attacked the screaming heads, joined soon by Taras and Mirram. As they began smashing the flying heads, the sobbing dwarf would swoop forward, attacking with a large hammer. Those struck would be faced with the eerie image of a fragment of their own skulls shattering loose, flying over to the ghostly skull, and attempting to fit into the knife-blade shaped missing fragment. It took some doing, but the Mosswater Marauder was defeated, for now. After the battle, Taras found a hidden alcove set into the wall. Inside the group found the main equipment stores for the dungeon guards, armor, weapons, and handful of potions, and other items.

Raising the portcullis, they continued on into the western cell block, Reaper’s Hold. Most of the doors here stand open, reveling empty cells beyond. To the south of this block stands the Information Specialist’s Workshop, a room carrying numerous grisly tools of torment, including a rack, chains and manacles set into the wall, and an iron maiden. A skeleton lay strapped onto the rack, bones broken, hands severed, hips and shoulders dislocated, face shattered by a brass disc forced into the jaw, and numerous long, thin needles driven into his ears, eye sockets, elbows, hips, and knees.

Hadrian opened the closed whicker basket at the head of the rack, finding the corpse’s missing hands…which attacked. Though fast and agile, the crawling hands were soon dispatched. Beginning to check out the rest of the torture chamber, Taras and Hadrian approached the iron maiden, both seeing it begin to creak open. Taras suddenly ran forward as the iron maiden, yawning open, engulfed him. Hadrian and Elsbeth rushed to his aid, eventually dismantling the iron maiden and freeing Taras. The young man was covered in bloodless puncture wounds, nearly unconscious. The group patched up Taras as best they could and all quickly left the chamber.

They made their way back agan to the central chamber and came to the southern path to the Nevermore. This portcullis had evidently falling during the riot and fire, the winch heavily damaged, the portcullis stuck in place.

After a few insightful, though ultimately fruitless, attempts to gain access to the next chamber, the jerk of a GM called it a night. It is roughly midday in game.



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