Carrion Crown AP

Day 1-2, Lamashan 9 & 10

Funeral of a Friend

A dreary day greeted the rag-tag group of travelers who gathered at the entrance to the Restlands cemetery. After a brief greeting from Kendra Lorrimor, the funeral procession entered the cemetery, with Hadrian, Elsbeth, and Galifreyna serving as pallbearers alongside of Adivion Adressant, an old colleague of the professor. Rounding a bend in the path, the group found their way blocked by a motley collection of townsfolk and local ruffians. Harsh words were spoken and the local citizens could not be talked down from the ensuing fight, which resulted in several of the locals knocked out and the apparent leader shot with a arrow, though still alive. The townsfolks suddenly scrambled to their feet and fled. The rest of the funeral passed without serious incident, with all attendants speaking kind words of the professor.

Kendra led the travelers back to the Lorrimor home and, while awaiting the arrival of Councilman Hearthmount, introduced themselves and spoke of their time with Professor Lorrimor. Hearthmount soon arrived, produced and read the will as required by his position, and then departed as soon has his duties were carried out. The will requested two favors of the travelers. One, that they convey a collection of tomes to colleagues of the professor in Lepidstadt; and two, that they remain in Ravengro for a month to assist Kendra in seeing to her father’s affairs and aiding her in this time of need. A sum of 100 platinum coins is being held in escrow for each legatee by Embeth Daramid in Lepidstadt. Kendra produced a small chest which opened with a key that had been provided by Councilman Hearthmount.

The chest contained several books, along with the professor’s missing journal. A difference of interpretation in the wording of the will, combined with some ill-chosen words resulted in the distraught and emotional Kendra retiring early, clearly upset with the current situation. The travelers split up and tended to various needs about town.

A horrified scream pierced the next morning’s dawn, which the travelers, joined by Sheriff Caeller and 2 of his deputies, quickly followed to the fleeing forms of two hysterical youths near the Harrowstone Memorial statue outside of town. There they discovered what appeared to be the shape of the letter “V” painted in blood on the statue’s base. A quick search of the area turned up a bloody waterskin, which was then taken into evidence by the sheriff. The milling crowd of “investigators” was not able to locate any more clues.

The group returned to the Lorrimor house and soon discovered that Kendra had somehow found her way into the locked chest containing Lorrimor’s books. Another confrontation ensued and the young woman fled to her room in tears. After a few attempts to make peace with the daughter of the recently deceased, the group again ventured into town to see about their day.

Session ended with the group reconvening in the townsquare, late in the morning.



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