Carrion Crown AP

Days 16-17, Lamashan 24-25

gold and ghosts

Continuing on from the last game, the party explored the area around the pit in the old training room and ventured through the broken wall into the next room. Most prominent in this room was the old furnace, a old stone and metal contraption, reaching far back into the walls, and capped with a face-like opening. A face that became more pronounced and skull-like as it roared at the trespassers and lashed out with a fiery tongue, narrowing missing the group. They poked and prodded at the leering furnace for a few seconds before “tactically withdrawing” into the nearby infirmary.

…which was unfortunately the home of a poltergeist. The Poltergeist coalesced into frightening visibility in the center of the room (sending Hadrian and Orzo fleeing down the hallway), and then disappeared, beginning to telekinetically hurl various instruments at the party members. The group was eventually able to put the angry spirit to rest via a series of positive energy attacks, though Mirram warned everyone that she believes these restless creatures are able to rejuvenate themselves over a period of days. The group, drained of many abilites, spells, and powers, made their way back to town to rest for the night.

In the morning after a brief excursion about town to seek aid in overcoming some of the task before them, the group ventured back up the hill to Harrowstone. Elsbeth was able to obtain a loan of a magical, silver morningstar from the Pharasmin temple, under the understanding that she would use it glorify Pharasma, and that it was to be returned to the temple.

Stepping through the front door, burnt, ghostly faces rushed out of the door, slamming them closed, and disappeared through the various broken down doorways of their previous visit. The party located some small offices housing various old prison documents and spent several hours here, locating more information on the prison and several inmates of interest. They then found the warden’s office and, after pillaging the warden’s safe of documents, petty cash & payroll, and emergency supplies, made their way to the eastern wing.

The prison once housed a small chapel, dedicated to Pharasma, though now inhabited by several Giant Crab Spiders. The group made short work of the vile arachnids, and found a small cache of religious supplies in a cabinet behind the altar. Across the hall is the old Induction Chamber. The sparse, ruined room carried the psychic echoes of years of shame and anger, which over time served to animate a pair of manacles, forever carrying out its role of restraining prisoners. They smashed it.

Taras, under Mirram’s guidance, made a quick lap around the hallway, taking care to step on every tile and stone.

Ended shortly after midday on the 25th of Lamashan, at the prison.



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