Carrion Crown AP

Days 7-12, Lamashan 15-20

Of Books and Blood

We picked back up with the party entering the temple records and conducting some further research into the Harrowstone prison and the Whispering Way. The next day, a Sunday, had some members attending services at the Pharasmin temple while the others took the day off and relaxed at Kendra’s house.

The group was awakened early on the morning of the 17th by one of the city deputies; the Harrowstone memorial statue had again been defaced (the shape of an “S”), and the sheriff assumed that the party would be interested, their previous good deeds getting them in farther with the locals. Investigation around the statue confirmed the previously seen boot prints but they were unable to track them very far into the woods. Taras, joined by deputy Riff, cleaned off the statue while the others enjoyed some more time off. Galifreyna vistied Alendru Ghoroven at the Unfurling Scroll and spent some time with his research materials, but was unable to turn up any new information. Unbeknownst to the rest of the group, Mirram began nightly outings to the statue, hiding in the woods to keep the grounds under watch while also avoiding the deputies who had been assigned a similar duty. The days of rest had, for her, been an adjustment of her sleep schedule to remain fully aware and prepared for the long, cool nights.

The 18th of Lamashan was another day of research, this time (if I recall) at the Lorrimor’s house, making use of the professor’s extensive library.

On following day, while wandering about the village, Elsbeth and Taras encounter a terrified young woman, carrying a sobbing child, running into town towards the temple. They follow her and arrive just in time to learn of an attack on her family by a group of reanimated skeletons in the Restlands; her husband and father are still there. Father Grimburrow sends a young priest, Padrik, to do what he can to help while the Father gathers acolytes for a proper response. The adventurers quickly accompany Padrik to the cemetery, getting there just as an older man is struck down while a younger man dispatches a skeleton with a stout length of tree branch. Elsbeth, Taras, and Padrik are able to destroy the skeletons and Padrik is able to rebuke death on the older man before he slips away. (Acolytes later arrive to tend to the reburial of the animated corpses.)

The group rests up for the remainder of the day, planning on staking out the memorial statue that night. As they make their way into position, Elsbeth is spotted by two on-duty deputies, also in-place in the woods. They send her on her way, but she is able to slip back into the trees, unseen. Several hours pass when Taras and Elsbeth find the area about them suddenly dropping in temperature, sapping away their Strength and even their very lives. After taking some damage, Taras runs out of the chilling area, alerting the deputies, who act under the assumption that this is the person desecrating the statue. In short order he is tackled, pinned, tied up, and being lead to jail, where a few poorly chosen phrases have the sheriff fully convinced that Taras is the perpetrator.

Back at the statue, Elsbeth, Mirram, and Galifreyna are able to piece together what they know about cold spots, and while Galifreyna seeks out Father Grimburrow, Elsbeth and Mirram work together to toss a bundle of flaming rags into the center of the cold spot…which also happens to catch the woods on fire. One of the deputies, Vrodish, returns and hastily begins fighting the growing fire, all the while calling for assistance from the nearby Elsbeth, Mirram having hidden back in the woods. Elsbeth refuses to assist, claiming that the area is evil and that the evil must be destroyed, attending only to flames to venture outside the area of effect she was earlier able to determine.

Deputy Vrodish finally gets the blaze under control and seizes Elsbeth to take her to the jail for purposely setting the forest on fire, putting the village at risk. She complies, willing to state her case before the sheriff. Galifreyna returns with Father Grimburrow, and after a brief discussion with Mirram, the three follow on to the jail to speak with the sheriff on the matter. With their stories backed up by Father Grimburrow, Elsbeth and Taras will only spend the night in jail and make a minor payment to the town for the disturbances. Father Grimburrow knows how to fully destroy to cold spot, but does not have the materials to do so; in the morning he will send for a druid in the nearby village of Spiral’s Bend to assist him.

Game ended on the morning of Lamashan 20. Taras and Elsbeth have been released after paying 5 sp each to the town coffers and having given their word to Sheriff Caeller to follow any orders from him or his deputies in the future.


’bout time the slacker GM got this posted…

Days 7-12, Lamashan 15-20

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