Carrion Crown AP

Death of a Scholar

Professor Petros Lorrimor is dead.

Scholar, companion, employer, teacher, mentor…friend. His death comes as an unexpected shock. The summons from Ravengro’s solicitor states that you have been named in Lorrimor’s will and requests that you be present for its reading.

The courier’s parcel also contained a short message from the professor’s daughter, Kendra. Though brief, her message repeated her father’s desire for you to be present for the reading of the will and she hopes that you may be able to participate in the funeral as well, if you arrive in time.

You’ve had to travel hard these last few days. The rain certainly isn’t helping, adding to the already dismal atmosphere, but the journey has been mostly uneventful. If you press on into the night, you just might make it to Ravengro in time to help bury your old friend.




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