Petros Lorrimor

Professor. Lived in Ravengro. Deceased.


Professor Petros Lorrimor lived in the town of Ravengro in the Canterwall county of the nation of Ustalav with his young daughter, Kendra Lorrimor; they lived in a modest home to the south of the town.

He retired from the University of Lepidstadt in 4696 AR.

His mangled body was found outside of town at the end of Rova 4711 AR. His upper torso and most of his head and face was apparently crushed by a large stone that had fallen from the nearby ruins of Harrowstone prison.


Lorrimor was a professor at the University of Lepidstadt and, as a scholar, Petros had used his knowledge and research to learn about the forces of evil to better combat them, until his retirement in 4696 AR.

He often gave talks on the Arcane and Divine creation and manipulation of undead as well as the moral reasons why Necromancy should not be practised as either an Arcane or Divine discipline. Those who have gotten to know Professor Lorrimor well through his talks or field study have more than likely seen another side of the seemingly gentle man as he utilizes his Arcane talents as a Wizard of some skill to combat undead sightings and further study from the field the various ways that such creatures may be effectively fought, and his office at the University cluttered with various tomes and items useful for such tasks.

Petros Lorrimor

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