Spirit Planchette, Brass


Usable once per day

Requires 2d6 rounds of concentration to activate.

Spells words 1 letter per round, or answers Yes/No/Maybe within the same round as the question is asked.

Will save to avoid being Confused. Failure means no answer is received.
Particularly violent or hateful areas give penalty to save.

Spirits may not known the answer to the question, or may lie on a given percentage.


A spirit planchette is typically found in a wooden case along with a thin wooden board printed with numerous letters and numbers. Nonmagical versions of these divination tools can be purchased in curiosity shops ; while these items can be used as alternative components for augury spells, only magical spirit planchettes allow users to communicate with the other side. A spirit planchette requires a board to move upon, but this “board” can be made up of letters scribed upon any smooth surface—it need not be a prepared board for a spirit planchette to work.

To use a spirit planchette, you must rest your fingers lightly upon the planchette’s surface and then concentrate on the planchette while the planchette attunes itself to the ambient spirits of the area. After this time, the planchette begins to slowly slide in random patterns across the board—at this point, questions may be asked of the spirits by any of the individuals involved in the séance. The consequences of each question asked of the spirits depends upon what planchette is used for the divination.

The spirits reply in a language understood by the character who asked the question, but resent such contact and give only brief answers to the questions the maximum number of questions you can ask with it depends on the type of planchette being used, and it is well known that the spirits at times do lie.

Communication with spirits can be a dangerous task, for many spirits are jealous or hateful of the living. Every time a spirit planchette is used, the user must avoid being temporarily possessed and harmed by the angry spirits.

Spirit Planchette, Brass

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