Carrion Crown AP

Day 3-7, Lamashan 11-15
Of wolves and songs

We begin with the party splitting for the night. Elsbeth and Hadrian have made contact with Goodman Reinave regarding whatever has been attacking his sheep and are going to keep watch over his flock; while Mirram and Taras elect to stay in the Lorrimor house to rest so that they may return to the fields for work the following day. Galifreyna has taken ill and retired to her room for the next several days to recuperate.

Late in the night, Elsbeth and Hadrian do indeed discover what is killing Reinave’s sheep; several wolves are spied prowling the edges of the farm. Though surprised when one of the wolves begins speaking as it is actually a worg they charge into action and kill the worg, gravely injure one wolf and chase the other away. Elsbeth and Hadrian keep watch during the rest of the night but it passes without further excitement. In the morning Goodman Reinave pays them for the confirmed kill, which they then drag into town and sell to Zokar Elkarid.

Mirram and Taras journey to Coger Malwrest’s farm to see about some more work for the day. This day’s work goes much better than the previous, though Taras is sent to join the “women folk” for some slightly lighter work. That evening they meet up with the others at The Laughing Demon.

While finishing dinner, the tavern’s patrons suddenly find themselves facing a blazing fire in one corner of the room where 2 locals had been playing cards. The fire is quickly extinguished to find that neither the cards nor the table have been burned or even singed, though a faint odor of smoke hangs in the air. The final card played was The Uprising, which represents overwhelming strength that catches the subject up in something much more powerful.

The party retired for the night but were awakened early in the morning by a pounding on the door. It was Pevrin, informing everyone that the Harrowstone statue had again been vandalized. The group made their way to the statue to discover a large “E” painted in blood on the statue’s base. A search about the nearby grounds turned up distinctive boot tracks but they quickly lost the trail. Taras offered to clean the statue again while the group split up once more.

Mirram returned to Malwrest’s farm and engaged the locals in some discussion of the recent desecrations, but her work was brought to a halt by an incoming storm. Taras had just finished cleaning the statue when, to his joy, the storm broke and washed away any remaining blood and/or evidence.

Hadrian and Elsbeth went back to Reinave’s farm to track the remaining wolves to their lair, finding the injured wolf dead in its cave. Here they found the remains of several sheep and a months-long-dead corpse of a human. They received payment for the bounty on the wolf, buried the human body, and (having met up with the others) brought its belongings to the sheriff to see if anything could be identified. With no known missing locals or recent travelers through the city, the two laid claim to the goods by way of local custom.

On the way back to the Lorrimor house, the companions passed a group of 5 young local girls skipping rope. Not too out of the ordinary, until Mirram and Taras happened to overhear their rather unsettling skipping song. Taras approached them, carefully, to inquire about the song, but was unable to discover anything other than “it’s just song that’s always been sung around here.” Later questioning of other locals was unable to confirm this as a known local song.

After an uneventful night, the group escorted Kendra to the temple of Pharasma, as Mirram had previously arraigned for her to have access to the temple’s town records to try and find out further information of subjects mentioned in the professor’s journal. The party then visited the Emeras farm to investigate the death of several of their cattle (mysteriously drained of blood). spent some time in town before retiring for the day, with the plan to be fully rested in order to keep watch over the farm at night.

That evening they spoke briefly with Kendra about what she had been able to research during the day and then positioned themselves at various locations around the Emeras farm. Several hours later, they heard and then quickly converged on the slaying of one of the remaining cattle to find a floating red mist drifting away from the now blood-drained cow. After the battle resulting in the demise of the icky blood ghost, Mirram offered to pay Goodman Emeras for failing to protect the cattle, which he eventually accepted.

The party made their way back to the Lorrimor’s library to attempt to identify the creature and then reported their slaying of the vampiric mist to the sheriff. After having deputy Riff confirm their story, the sheriff produced a previously unposted reward and, following a short discussion, the group took the reward money to the temple for donation.

Requesting of Father Grimburrow that Kendra be allowed further access into the temple’s records, the party was pleased to discover that their good deed and actions in town were beginning to pay off, as Grimburrow reluctantly offered to let the party into the temple archive, with proper supervision of course.

The session ended mid-morning with jubilant celebration over this beginning change in events.

Day 2-3, Lamashan 10 - 11
The Journal and the Crypt

Convenning for lunch at the Laughing Demon, the group spent some time chatting with Zokar Elkarid and planning various activites for the afternoon, most pointedly, Taras and Mirram cleaned the blood from the desecrated memorial statue. They also used this time to scout around the area for more clues but came up empty-handed.

Heading back to the Lorrimor house, the travelers discovered that Kendra had left, attaching a 2nd lock to the chest of books, along with a note.

Discovering the posting poles about town, maintained by Zokar’s son Pevrin, the group set about a couple different areas of town, seeking various forms of employment or information. An apple pie was involved.

As evening fell, the group returned to the Laughing Demon to enjoy Zokar’s newest creation, a tuber and ham dish he called the Executioner’s Scythe. According to the tavern owner, the dish was based on a story shared by a friend his son; supposedly the lad had seen Harrowstone’s executioner walking around one of the prison’s balconies, scythe in hand.

Galifreyna left after dinner to speak with the innkeeper Sarrianan Vai of the Outward Inn. There she discovered Kendra dining with the well-dressed man who helped to carry the professor’s coffin. He reintroduced himself as Adivion Adrissant and invited Galifreyna to join them, but she declined.

Shortly, the group and Kendra met up in the Professor’s library and read the professor’s journal. After lengthy discussion, they decided to approach Father Vauran Grimburrow about patrolling the Restlands for troublemakers (due to a posting) and were able to convince him to let them enter the cemetery alone.

The group took this opportunity to venture into the false crypt and uncovered a hidden cache of items; various magic arrows, potions, scrolls, and a darkwood case containing a spirit board with a Spirit Planchette, Brass, and several Haunt Siphons. Also two giant centipedes, which, though separated, they quickly dispatched. The group completed their patrol and reported an uneventful night to the head of the clergy. Returning once again to the Lorrimor home, Kendra and Galifreyna identified all the cached items and they party retired to a short rest.

After a few hours sleep, Hadrian, Taras, and Elsbeth sought daily employment at a nearby farm, serving as threshers for the grain harvest. However, this hard labor proved to be too much for Taras and he shortly quitted the fields. Galifreyna, fully rested returned to the temple to aid in further healing and then had a mostly uneventful encounter with local old crazy man, Larkin. Mirram stayed at the house to keep Kendra company and see about some simple duties.

Session ended in the early evening, with the various group members heading back to the Lorromir house.

Day 1-2, Lamashan 9 & 10
Funeral of a Friend

A dreary day greeted the rag-tag group of travelers who gathered at the entrance to the Restlands cemetery. After a brief greeting from Kendra Lorrimor, the funeral procession entered the cemetery, with Hadrian, Elsbeth, and Galifreyna serving as pallbearers alongside of Adivion Adressant, an old colleague of the professor. Rounding a bend in the path, the group found their way blocked by a motley collection of townsfolk and local ruffians. Harsh words were spoken and the local citizens could not be talked down from the ensuing fight, which resulted in several of the locals knocked out and the apparent leader shot with a arrow, though still alive. The townsfolks suddenly scrambled to their feet and fled. The rest of the funeral passed without serious incident, with all attendants speaking kind words of the professor.

Kendra led the travelers back to the Lorrimor home and, while awaiting the arrival of Councilman Hearthmount, introduced themselves and spoke of their time with Professor Lorrimor. Hearthmount soon arrived, produced and read the will as required by his position, and then departed as soon has his duties were carried out. The will requested two favors of the travelers. One, that they convey a collection of tomes to colleagues of the professor in Lepidstadt; and two, that they remain in Ravengro for a month to assist Kendra in seeing to her father’s affairs and aiding her in this time of need. A sum of 100 platinum coins is being held in escrow for each legatee by Embeth Daramid in Lepidstadt. Kendra produced a small chest which opened with a key that had been provided by Councilman Hearthmount.

The chest contained several books, along with the professor’s missing journal. A difference of interpretation in the wording of the will, combined with some ill-chosen words resulted in the distraught and emotional Kendra retiring early, clearly upset with the current situation. The travelers split up and tended to various needs about town.

A horrified scream pierced the next morning’s dawn, which the travelers, joined by Sheriff Caeller and 2 of his deputies, quickly followed to the fleeing forms of two hysterical youths near the Harrowstone Memorial statue outside of town. There they discovered what appeared to be the shape of the letter “V” painted in blood on the statue’s base. A quick search of the area turned up a bloody waterskin, which was then taken into evidence by the sheriff. The milling crowd of “investigators” was not able to locate any more clues.

The group returned to the Lorrimor house and soon discovered that Kendra had somehow found her way into the locked chest containing Lorrimor’s books. Another confrontation ensued and the young woman fled to her room in tears. After a few attempts to make peace with the daughter of the recently deceased, the group again ventured into town to see about their day.

Session ended with the group reconvening in the townsquare, late in the morning.

Death of a Scholar

Professor Petros Lorrimor is dead.

Scholar, companion, employer, teacher, mentor…friend. His death comes as an unexpected shock. The summons from Ravengro’s solicitor states that you have been named in Lorrimor’s will and requests that you be present for its reading.

The courier’s parcel also contained a short message from the professor’s daughter, Kendra. Though brief, her message repeated her father’s desire for you to be present for the reading of the will and she hopes that you may be able to participate in the funeral as well, if you arrive in time.

You’ve had to travel hard these last few days. The rain certainly isn’t helping, adding to the already dismal atmosphere, but the journey has been mostly uneventful. If you press on into the night, you just might make it to Ravengro in time to help bury your old friend.


Boon Opportunity
Get 'em while they're hot!

Ok, folks. Here is a chance to help yourselves out a little bit. If anyone reads this post before we start playing this campaign, let me know. You can earn a boon for the group that’ll be in effect for all of 1st level.

Conversely, if no one sees this and informs me, well, then the monsters get a bonus…

8/18/12 EDIT: Well done, Barry! The group was offered an option of a +1 to all non-combat d20 roles or a +1 to attack and damage for all of 1st level. After little deliberation, they selected the combat bonuses. Players were tasked with applying the bonuses themselves.

Character Creation

Characters are to be created using a 20-point buy.
An online calculator is available here for assistance.
List of 20-point arrays here

Chart below details the cost for each ability score increase/decrease. Information is also on pg 16 of the CRB. No scores below 8 before racial adjustments. I’d like to recommend no scores above 16 before racial mods as well, but I won’t enforce it.
Score    Points to buy
8            –2
9           –1
10            0
11           1
12           2
13           3
14           5
15           7
16           10
17           13
18           17

We’re using the Core Rulebook and Advanced Player’s Guide only. If you use the online SRD make sure to check where feats, abilities, powers, etc. come from. If there is something from a different book you would like to use, please talk with me first and we’ll see what we can do.

I don’t think anyone is planning on playing one, but no Summoners, please. Monster creation rules throw off party balance and Encounter Level too much.

Max starting gold for each class.

Max hitpoints for 1st level.

I’d like to restrict alignments to the more Heroic and Good side. LG, LN, NG, N, CG, CN (if you must for a concept).

The campaign begins with all characters attending the funeral of an NPC, the recently deceased Professor Petros Lorrimor, and being named in his will. Characters should have some sort of amicable relationship with the professor that would explain them being at the funeral. What that reason is for your character is up to you; the Campaign Trait section of the player’s guide has several traits with built-in explanations/relationships, but you’re welcome to come up with something on your own.


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The day in the forest-dungeon
That thing with the guy

You’re walking and…

you’re walking and…
you’re walking and…

when SUDDENLY a dragon pops out! Made of Candy!

Thankfully the bard was able to befriend the Candy Dragon and it led you out of the dreaded forest dungeon.



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