Carrion Crown AP

Was it all a dream?
A journey into Dungeon World

The Temple of Ungu

Dramatis personæ:
Hobb the Fighter…………………………………………………………a sellsword, currently without a master
Rognar the Cleric………………………………………………………..a devotee of Khorne, god of Bloody Conquest
Wolfwood the Paladin………………………………………………….a champion of Law, devoted to his quest
Gogmutt…………………………………………………………………….a goblin warrior
Snotgarble…………………………………………………………………a goblin clan chief
Florimel…………………………………………………………………….a sorceress, wielder of strange magics

An ancient temple sacred to the hated serpent-god Ungu, dedicated by the legendary Queen Ya hundreds of years ago, now occupied by the Spider-Witch Florimel. Florimel strove too far into her dark polymorphic arts and has transformed into a huge spider-monsterosity. The temple sits in a mountainous wilderness, surrounded by a thick forest.

Find out what happened here!

Interlude: The Flames of the Past

As they wait out the remaining days of the required period of Professor Lorrimor’s will, the group takes some time to piece together what happened those many years ago at Harrowstone Prison. Combining what they have learned from the days of research, listening to local rumors, their time spent with Vesorianna, and some carefully worded questions to the spirit planchette, the Heroes of Harrowstone are able to work out the details and make reasonable guesses to fill in gaps in the story:

Twice a year, a prison convoy rounded up the worst of the worst from smaller, less secure jails across the principality and transferred them to Harrowstone, often to await death by hanging, but always to live out the rest of their lives as prisoners. The mid-year prisoner convoy of 4661 AR brought an especially horrendous batch of criminals all at once. Among them were five particularly notorious convicts: the Lopper, the Piper of Illmarsh, Father Charlatan, the Mosswater Marauder, and the infamous Splatter Man. Not even Harrowstone was adequately equipped to handle these criminals, and as their execution dates drew near, the Lopper and the Splatter Man, working together, picked their moment and staged a desperate attempt to seize control of the prison and, perhaps, escape.

Left to rot in his cell in The Nevermore, Professor Hean Feramin, the Splatter Man, carefully hid from the guards the fact that, thanks to his Spell Mastery feat, he could still prepare a few spells each day, even after losing his spellbook. Hean was smart enough to know that once he revealed his ability to still cast a few spells, the element of surprise would be lost. He refrained from using his spellcasting directly as a result, and the guards, thinking his lost spellbook rendered him nearly helpless, didn’t monitor his activity as closely as they should have.

Using his vastly reduced spell selection and good old-fashioned trickery and diplomacy, he scrounged together enough spell components and resources to put into action a daring escape plan by recruiting the aid of the prison’s strongest and most violent murderer—the man known as the Lopper.

Working with components and resources smuggled in to him with his food and taking advantage of the near total solitude that imprisonment in Nevermore afforded, the professor was eventually able (after much trial and error) to concoct a single potion of levitation at the bottom of his oubliette. Trusting the Lopper to act according to his nature, Feramin summoned a small air elemental late one night and instructed it to ferry the potion to the north, passing through the two portcullises and avoiding detection by the guards by flying slowly and quietly near the ceiling, eventually delivering the potion down into the northern oubliette and into the Lopper’s hands.

The Lopper, Vance Saetressle, had malingered for months at the bottom his cell in the Oubliette with two broken and poorly healed legs, a result of the “simple justice” of being dropped into the pit by the prison warden after a number of bureaucratic complications kept pushing back his expected date of execution. When the Splatter Man’s potion was delivered to the Lopper by the summoned air elemental, he waited until just before his daily feeding before he drank it. He floated up to the edge of his oubliette above, and when Gurtis Vortch, the guard captain, came to dump the day’s food into the pit, the Lopper was there to ambush him. He grabbed Vortch through the bars of his oubliette’s grating and pulled him prone, then deftly disarmed the guard of his sword and, with a few expert cuts, decapitated him. After fishing the keys to the oubliette’s lid out of the still twitching body’s belt pouch, the Lopper was free. He quickly released the other prisoners from the nearby cells, and the growing distraction was enough to allow the Splatter Man to stage a similar coup to the south.

The riot was soon in full swing as the prisoners within the lower dungeon of Harrowstone were released and they were quickly overpowering the guards positioned in the lower chambers. Of course, not all of the prisoners were swept up into the violence and excitement. The mad dwarf known as the Mosswater Marauder had little interest in rioting or, indeed, in escaping Harrowstone. Once he was freed from his cell in the northern wing, he overpowered two guards and a prisoner and holed up in the Captain’s Office after the other prisoners had looted everything usable from the place. The Mosswater Marauder killed his victims, extracted their skulls, then proceeded to pick up his grisly goal where he left off—attempting to find the correctly shaped fragment among the skull shards to finally repair his wife’s fracture.

For a brief time, the prisoners held control of the prison, but they did not anticipate an act of self-sacrifice by Harrowstone’s head warden, Lyvar Hawkran. Only a few minutes after the prisoners seized control of Harrowstone’s lower level, Warden Hawkran triggered an emergency deadfall that sealed the dungeon and trapped everyone (including himself and most of the prison guards) within the prison’s dungeon, leaving the only way out a supply lift that couldn’t be activated from the dungeon level.

It was via this lift that the Warden and other trapped guards initially thought to escape, but before they could make it to safety, they were overpowered by the rioting prisoners and taken hostage. The prisoners attempted to use their hostages to force the few guards who remained on the floor above to lower the lift, but the guards were too well trained. Even with their warden and most of their friends trapped below, they continually refused to lower the lift—further, they set guards around the lift’s shaft above so that any prisoner who attempted the nearly impossible climb would have to contend with crossbow bolts raining down from above. Eager to avoid sparking a panic in Ravengro, the guards holed up and did a masterful job keeping the truth of the riot contained while they desperately tried to work out a plan.

Several hours later, after Lyvar failed to return home for his customary dinner, the warden’s wife Vesorianna crossed the prison grounds from her home to the central prison. In their panic, the guards had left the main entrance to the prison unlocked, so Vesorianna was able to enter the prison with ease, only to find it strangely empty. Following the sound of shouting, she came to the training room where the remaining guards were gathered near the lift shaft to the dungeon.

When Vesorianna learned from the increasingly frantic guards that her husband was trapped with the madmen below, she pleaded with the guards on the ground level to remove the deadfall and stage a rescue. When they repeatedly refused, she went into hysterics. She managed to dodge the guards, ran to the lift’s winch, and threw the release, causing the heavy wooden platform to plummet into the dungeon below in the hope that her husband could leap onto it and be pulled to safety. In actuality, the lift crushed several guards and a few prisoners who had been standing directly below it—the horrified Vesorianna was convinced her husband was among them. Taking advantage of her shock, several guards managed to finally apprehend her and swiftly bustled her off to the prison workshop at the other end of Harrowstone, locking her inside for her own safety.

The remaining guards worked frantically to keep the prisoners from escaping—with the lift below swiftly filling with eager prisoners, they couldn’t simply pull it back up. And as other prisoners began climbing the chains that connected the fallen lift to the upper level, the guards grew desperate. Knowing that they were about to be outnumbered by lunatics, they made a fateful decision— they began throwing crates and barrels of supplies, including the prison’s supply of lamp oil, from the nearby storeroom into the hole, hoping to dislodge prisoners from the lift and dissuade them from climbing. But when the Splatter Man stepped into view and began using his magic against the guards, desperation gave way to blind panic and one of the guards threw a lit torch into the oil-soaked depths, figuring that if the lift were burned, order could be restored.

Unfortunately, the resulting conflagration was much bigger than anyone could have expected. The huge oil slick below caught fire and spread throughout the lower cellblock. The ensuing flames incinerated both the screaming prisoners and surviving guards below, while thick plumes of smoke swiftly worked to suffocate those above. The remaining guards on the ground level fled, only realizing much later to their horror that no one had bothered to release Vesorianna Hawkran from the workshop. The town of Ravengro quickly mobilized to extinguish the fire before it spread, but the damage had been done. Ustalav’s most notorious prison was no more.

Days 20-30, Lamashan 28 - Neth 7
The Ties That Bind

After a brief respite in the guard room by the broken portcullis barring the passage to the Nevermore, the group recalled the warden’s log mentioning a hidden passageway leading from somewhere into the torture chamber. They made careful inspection of the walls of the “workshop” and located a walled off natural tunnel heading towards the Nevermore.

The tunnel, roughly 40 feet long, was closed at both end, and also home to a grey ooze that had wandered into the remains of the prison years ago. The party splattered the ooze after half-solidifying the creature with a tanglefoot bag and setting it alight with oil and fire. The latch to open the hidden door to the end of the tunnel was soon discovered and the group found themselves in the staging area used for transporting prisoners to the torture room.

The Nevermore lay before them, a wing of the dungeon similar to the oubliette to the north. However, water trickled down the walls here, seeping down from the lake above, having over time filled the pit in the middle of the chamber. As they slowly spread out into the Nevermore, the group saw blood weeping from the walls and coalescing to spell out their names. As the blood spelled out more and more letters of each person’s name, they began to feel their sanity, indeed their very souls slipping away. Attempting to destroy whatever presence was affecting them, the party lashed out with spell and weapon both, eventually destroying the bloody names.

Unfortunately the violent attacks further damaged the walls and support timbers, already weakened by the fire 50 years ago. The walls and supports crumbled, causing severe damage to several members of the party, scattering the floor with wreckage. With the group injured and in disarray, the ghost of the Splatter Man rose up from the waters of the flooded oubliette and summoned several dire rats to harry the party, followed by a volley of magic missiles. The party spread out around the oubliette, attacking as they were able, though the ghost of the wizard carefully moved out of position, dancing away from the melee fighters.

The summoned dire rats were put down, followed soon after by several giant spiders. With a combination of magic weapons, channeled energy, and enchanter arrows, the party defeated the final spirit of Harrowstone prison. In time they located the warden’s badge among the bones of the skeleton tied to the rack in the torture workshop and brought it to Vesorianna. With a quiet sigh, the ghost of the warden’s wife took the badge from Hadrian and disappeared, promising to cleanse the ruin of any spirits haunting its walls.

The party emerged triumphant from the prison gates, making their way back to Ravengro.

Back in town the group was given the heroes welcome they had earned. The town council arranged for a celebration on the coming Sunday and the townsfolk set about preparing to honor the brave adventurers who had delivered their town from destruction. Word spread of the groups noble deeds and come the celebration Sunday evening they found themselves being hailed, by townies and the council alike, as the Heroes of Harrowstone.

The Heroes of Harrowstone spent the next several days working with the towns people on a variety of projects. Hadrian began teaching classes of basic fighting skills, while th others supervised the project to clear out the rubble-filled stairwell in the prison and retrieved the remaining guards’ equipment. The arms and armor was given back into the town’s care and to be used for equipping the sheriff and deputies, possibly to be expanded into a local militia in the future.

The party spent their remaining time visiting with the friends, acquaintances, and other locals they had met during their stay in the village, preparing for their coming trip to Lepidstadt. The day finally came to begin their journey and, as they loaded up their final belongings onto the newly purchased wagon, they were greeted by an ecstatic Pevrin, posting exciting news to the town’s posting poles.

The Beast of Lepidstadt, longtime scourge of the county of Vieland, had been captured, and was set to be put on trial in just over a week’s time!

Day 20, Lamashan 28
Bones and Maidens

As the group journeys northward into the passageway marked “The Oubliette,” the metal door to the nearby guard room slams open and a headless skeleton, wreathed in flame and wielding a handaxe charges out, attacking the party. It laid about with its axe, dealing massive wounds and fire damage before being put down, exploding into fiery bone shards.

They continued on to The Oubliette, a cell block surrounding a pit in the floor, covered with a metal grating. A lanky spirit roared up through the opening in the grate, carrying a large axe. The Lopper. It quickly flew about, swinging the axe with abandon, the incorporeal weapon cutting directly through armor and body alike, leaving large gashes that bled continuously, the blood drifting into the air and healing the spirit. The hateful spirit appeared interested in dealing wounds to as many enemies as possible, pulling back only when faced with fire. In time, The Lopper’s wraith fell before the group. Mirram was carefully lowered into the oubliette’s cell and retrieved various items from its depths.

Venturing back through the central dungeon chamber, the group took the west path into Reaper’s Hold. The portcullis to this chamber had been lowered and the split to locate the winch to open the passage. Taras and Mirram located the winch in the ramshackle guard room, while across the hall, Hadrian and Elsbeth found the Captain’s Office. Scattered bits of mail and arrows littered the floor, but on the desk sat 3 shattered skulls, the fragments arranged as if in an attempt to construct a forth skull from the pieces. A long-dead corpse of a red-haired dwarf lay nearby. As they approached, the skulls rose up, screaming, while the spirit of a sobbing dwarf arose from the body, another ghostly skull floating in the air behind it.

Calling for assistance, Hadrian and Elsbeth attacked the screaming heads, joined soon by Taras and Mirram. As they began smashing the flying heads, the sobbing dwarf would swoop forward, attacking with a large hammer. Those struck would be faced with the eerie image of a fragment of their own skulls shattering loose, flying over to the ghostly skull, and attempting to fit into the knife-blade shaped missing fragment. It took some doing, but the Mosswater Marauder was defeated, for now. After the battle, Taras found a hidden alcove set into the wall. Inside the group found the main equipment stores for the dungeon guards, armor, weapons, and handful of potions, and other items.

Raising the portcullis, they continued on into the western cell block, Reaper’s Hold. Most of the doors here stand open, reveling empty cells beyond. To the south of this block stands the Information Specialist’s Workshop, a room carrying numerous grisly tools of torment, including a rack, chains and manacles set into the wall, and an iron maiden. A skeleton lay strapped onto the rack, bones broken, hands severed, hips and shoulders dislocated, face shattered by a brass disc forced into the jaw, and numerous long, thin needles driven into his ears, eye sockets, elbows, hips, and knees.

Hadrian opened the closed whicker basket at the head of the rack, finding the corpse’s missing hands…which attacked. Though fast and agile, the crawling hands were soon dispatched. Beginning to check out the rest of the torture chamber, Taras and Hadrian approached the iron maiden, both seeing it begin to creak open. Taras suddenly ran forward as the iron maiden, yawning open, engulfed him. Hadrian and Elsbeth rushed to his aid, eventually dismantling the iron maiden and freeing Taras. The young man was covered in bloodless puncture wounds, nearly unconscious. The group patched up Taras as best they could and all quickly left the chamber.

They made their way back agan to the central chamber and came to the southern path to the Nevermore. This portcullis had evidently falling during the riot and fire, the winch heavily damaged, the portcullis stuck in place.

After a few insightful, though ultimately fruitless, attempts to gain access to the next chamber, the jerk of a GM called it a night. It is roughly midday in game.

Days 18-20, Lamashan 26-28
Desecrations and Celebrations

After the epic battle against the haunting spirit of the Piper of Illmarsh, a battle that would make poets weep, the party ventured into the Mess Hall. There they encountered several stirges, likely drawn by eerie lament of the Piper, arriving too late to aid their ghostly master. The leathery insects were swatted like flies and the group continued around the upper floor of the prison, including the Kitchen and Eastern cell block.

But it was in the deluxe cell of the Western block that they found another point of interest, a long-dead red-headed skeleton and a wrapped sheaf of papers, Father Charlatan’s journal. Reading this journal unleashed the haunt, which then attempted to draw Elsbeth into its grasp. However the paladin was able to detect the haunt’s evil presence and the group’s combined might was able to quickly put the false priest’s spirit to rest.

On their way back to the first floor, the group heard voices calling to them from the gate to the prison grounds and ventured outside to see who it was. Deputies Trestleblade and Vrodish greeted the party and informed them that the memorial statue had again been desecrated in blood, this time with the letter “R.” Not only that, but several zombies had risen the night before and attacked the town. The deputies and temple acolytes were able to hold back the undead, but Riff was injured and under the temple’s care. The party walked back to town, Mirram heading to speak with the village mage and teacher, Alendru; Elsbeth to see Father Grimburrow; Taras and Galifreyna to inspect the statue grounds.

Elsbeth loaded back up with holy water and potions at the temple, speaking with Father Grimburrow about the happenings in town and the prison. On the way to the schoolhouse, Mirram ran into Pevrin grumping about in the town square. From him she learned that the annual Jestercap festival (Halloween, Devil’s Night and a county fair all rolled into one) had been canceled by the council to protect the city folk. Mirram approached Zokar to see if he would host a smaller get-together at the Laughing Demon tavern; something he quickly agreed to, if Mirram could secure the council’s permission. She tracked down Councilman Muricar and offered for the party to stand as extra security for the celebration. The council agreed to go ahead with the plan. Mirram continued on to the schoolhouse to obtain some scrolls from the old wizard.

Searching the statue and nearby woods, Galifreyna and Taras were able to follow some tracks into the woods to a small cabin. Pounding on the door in the name of the sheriff, Taras found himself face to face with an enraged Gibs. The argument quickly turned to threats and then violence. Galifreyna advised Taras to attempt to capture Gibs and not kill him and the two set upon the old soldier with non-lethal attacks, except for one purposeful rapier slash from Taras. Shortly before being knocked unconscious, Gibs shouted out in a deep, powerful voice “You shall not prevent our escape! The woman will die again!”

With Gibs unconscious and tied up, Galifreyna summoned the sheriff and Elsbeth to the cabin. The sheriff located a bloody war razor and waterskin behind the shack’s wood pile, and Gibs was taken to the town jail and put in a cell. Mirram spotted the group on the way into town and joined them. At the jail, Elsbeth and Sheriff Caeller got into a heated argument on the proper method of investigation of crimes, apprehension of suspects, and the boundaries of the law. Time will tell what becomes of this disagreement. In his cell, Gibs vehemently denied any knowledge of the ongoing desecrations, despite the evidence found at his cabin.

Late that night, the party were awakened by a heavy knocking on the front door of the Lorrimor house. Opening the door, Galifreyna was faced with the zombified corpse of Professor Petros Lorrimor. She slammed the door shut, shouting to awaken the others, and sought out her new armor. Elsbeth returned to the door to confront the zombie; Taras ran to the back door to sneak around the house; and Mirram attempted to console the rather shaken Kendra. The zombie beat the crap out of the party before being beheaded by Galifreyna. They took the body (and head) to the temple and had the acolytes rebury the body, Father Brimburrow casting Consecration over the ground.

The next day, the party tended to various needs about town, selling off some of the items founds at the prison, trading others for newer equipment. That evening the townfolk began to gather, first in the inn and tavern, but shortly expanding out into the town square. Zokar and Pevrin had spent the dat preparing a variety of dishes and drinks, while Sarianna had brought together several musicians from the local citizens. The party visibly raised the spirits (not the ghostly ones) of the town, bring a bright moment of joy into their lives during these dark, disturbing times. Even Kendra, who had previously been talking of selling her home and leaving the town, ventured to the crowd and was cheered by the celebrations.

The next morning, the group returned to the prison and clambered down into the pit, using a knotted rope secured to some rubble. Touching down in the flooded cavern below, they were assaulted by howling cries of pain and terror, the phantasmal voices of the long dead prisoners who perished in the fire. As the cacophony retreated, two ectoplasmic humanoids rose from the water and attacked. Their slimy attacks left Taras shaken, but the creatures were put down in short order.

The group left the remains of the lift chamber and found the Central Dungeon Chamber. This room holds the end of the staircase filled by the deadfall…and the home of several skeletons. 8 of the boney undead rose up and attacked the party, quickly surrounding them. In a moment of glory, Mirram called forth holy power and destroyed all but one of the creatures, the final one bursting into flamey bits a few seconds later.

We ended here, still early in the day, the group having cleaned off the brass plaques with the names of the dungeon areas. “The Oubliette” is to the north. To the west lies “Reaper’s Hold.” To the south lies “The Nevermore.” And to the east once stretched the now-destroyed “Hell’s Basement.”

Days 17-18, Lamashan 25-26
Exposition and Exploration

Arising from their short snack and water break, the adventurers made their way into the next room, containing an old brass brazier and various rusty branding irons. Branding irons which rose up, suddenly glowing red-hot, and flew at our brave explorers. Taras and Galifreyna ended up with scarred brands from the encounter before the glowing irons floated back to their resting placed and cooled.

They then found themselves in the prison workshop, strewn about with various sewing paraphernalia and moldering heaps of cloth. And a skeletal arm poking out from one of the mounds… As they entered, the translucent, pale blue form of a young woman rose up and addressed them as “the new guards” come to relieve the cowards who locked her here years ago. They and found the ghost of Vesorianna Hawkran, wife of Lyvar Hawkran, the once warden of Harrowstone.

Vesorianna explained some of the prison’s history, as well as her own. Seeking out her husband when he was late for dinner; the emergency dead-fall being triggered, sealing guards and prisoners alike in the dungeon; a desperate last-ditch attempt by the guards to contain the prisoners by dropping barrels down the supply-lift shaft; the accidental setting fire to the lift; her becoming locked in the workshop as the fire in the dungeon grew out of control; and her eventual demise, along with several other guards and prisoners due to fire or suffocation.

She was also able to confirm many of the groups’ theories on what had been happening around Harrowstone. Black-robed cultists that “spoke only in whispers” had come to the prison and set about inscribing something on the foundation. They had been interpreted by the capture of an old man, presumably the professor. She described a “whirlwind of darkness” that the leader of the black-robed cultists had called forth to kill the professor, and then how they had disguised his death by smashing his head and face with fallen debris. The “villains” then completed their ritual out of her site and she felt and the instantaneous disappearance of her husband’s spirit, long ago constrained to the dungeon he perished in. She relayed how his presence had kept the other ghosts and haunts in check, and with him gone they are rising in power. She has done what she can to fill Lyvar’s position of power in the prison, but something (later identified as relating to the Splatter Man and the bloody letters in town) is sapping her ability to do so and will in time destroy her, releasing the angry spirits from the prison. Vesorianna was able to point out 5 distinct personalities of evil in the prison and tasked the new guardsmen with their defeat and with finding her a symbol of her husband’s office over the prison. With that she would be able to banish the haunts of Harrowstone entirely.

Before Galifreyna could point out the hidden door she had spotted, Taras ran out and bashed down the door to the adjacent room.

Next door, in the old laundry, Elsbeth prodded at a slightly moving pile of moldy old clothes, releasing an animated straight-jacket that flew at her, attempting to wrap and bind her in its clutches. It was quickly doused in oil and set aflame, narrowly missing the imolation of poor Elsbeth, as well.

The gruop elected to spend the night in the prison, barricading the doors to the workshop.

At Vesorianna’s urging, they eventually made their way back to the prison property room and located several items, distinct to each of the 5 major spirits in the prison. The warden’s wife warned the party that while the items may give them an advantage to defeating the spirits, they also carry a dangerous link to the individual spirits they represent.

As the group ascended the stairs to the next floor and began exploring the Western cell block, Galifreyna heard the haunting sounds of a far-off flute. The Piper of Illmarch was near…

(spoiler: they defeated it)

Days 16-17, Lamashan 24-25
gold and ghosts

Continuing on from the last game, the party explored the area around the pit in the old training room and ventured through the broken wall into the next room. Most prominent in this room was the old furnace, a old stone and metal contraption, reaching far back into the walls, and capped with a face-like opening. A face that became more pronounced and skull-like as it roared at the trespassers and lashed out with a fiery tongue, narrowing missing the group. They poked and prodded at the leering furnace for a few seconds before “tactically withdrawing” into the nearby infirmary.

…which was unfortunately the home of a poltergeist. The Poltergeist coalesced into frightening visibility in the center of the room (sending Hadrian and Orzo fleeing down the hallway), and then disappeared, beginning to telekinetically hurl various instruments at the party members. The group was eventually able to put the angry spirit to rest via a series of positive energy attacks, though Mirram warned everyone that she believes these restless creatures are able to rejuvenate themselves over a period of days. The group, drained of many abilites, spells, and powers, made their way back to town to rest for the night.

In the morning after a brief excursion about town to seek aid in overcoming some of the task before them, the group ventured back up the hill to Harrowstone. Elsbeth was able to obtain a loan of a magical, silver morningstar from the Pharasmin temple, under the understanding that she would use it glorify Pharasma, and that it was to be returned to the temple.

Stepping through the front door, burnt, ghostly faces rushed out of the door, slamming them closed, and disappeared through the various broken down doorways of their previous visit. The party located some small offices housing various old prison documents and spent several hours here, locating more information on the prison and several inmates of interest. They then found the warden’s office and, after pillaging the warden’s safe of documents, petty cash & payroll, and emergency supplies, made their way to the eastern wing.

The prison once housed a small chapel, dedicated to Pharasma, though now inhabited by several Giant Crab Spiders. The group made short work of the vile arachnids, and found a small cache of religious supplies in a cabinet behind the altar. Across the hall is the old Induction Chamber. The sparse, ruined room carried the psychic echoes of years of shame and anger, which over time served to animate a pair of manacles, forever carrying out its role of restraining prisoners. They smashed it.

Taras, under Mirram’s guidance, made a quick lap around the hallway, taking care to step on every tile and stone.

Ended shortly after midday on the 25th of Lamashan, at the prison.

Day 16, Lamashan 24
Burning rats and flaming skulls

Short version:
Went to the prison. Found some runes inscribed on the foundation and smeared with something. Copied the runes (in Varisian, part of a larger ritual, Abjuration and Necromancy magics, no active magic detected).
Fought a haunted scythe. Set some rats on fire.
Went back to town, talked to some folks.
Went back to the prison at night. Woooo, spooky.
Found a locked metal door.
Found a cold spot, ran through it.
Found a room with a pit, fought some Flaming Skulls.
Ended in the pit room, positions noted on a rather awesome map.

GM Note: yeah yeah, both Dishonored and the new class DLC for Borderlands 2 came out this week…

Days 12-15, Lamashan 20-23
Of Words and Flames

With the sheriff’s “temporary guests” released, the group met back together at Kendra’s house to plan out the day. They were interrupted by Melchor Runarios, a Chelish farmer whose crops were being ravaged every few nights. He also reported finding large holes in the ground near his fields and seeing greenish-yellow lights in the fields in the early mornings.

The party spent the day digging through Professor Lorrimor’s library, uncovering some more of the history of Harrowstone and the prisoners present during the fire in 4661. After spending several hours in rest that evening, they set out to the Runarios farm, pausing briefly to inspect the goods of a tinker who was in town for the night. A harper traveling with the tinker entertained the townsfolk while they browsed the tinker’s wares. Unfortunately this situation also attracted the attention of several stirges, who attacked the nearby party members. The group made short work of the over-large blodsuckers and continued on to the farm.

Before dawn the next morning, the group found light shining from various holes about the farmer’s field as several cat-sized insects crawled out of the ground and began feasting on the crops (except for one introduced to the joys of Feather Token, Anchor…) The glowing vermin (Fire Beetles) were quickly dispatched and some of their still luminescent guts collected, and later given to Zokar.

Returning to the Lorrimor house, Taras answered an incessant banging on the door and found himself face to face with his old pal Sheriff Caeller and 2 deputies, gently inquiring as to the party’s doing of the night before. The blood-splattering vandal had struck again, this time drawing a large “O” but at the gazebo in the town square instead of the now-watched statue. The well-trod ground did not offer up any clues and the group made their way to the temple for more research, arriving in time to be greeted by a gnomish druid from the nearby town of Spiral’s Bend.

The druid introduced herself as Lorien Alyssia Romana Astrian Shaduron, and spoke briefly with Mirram as the Father was collected. They walked to the memorial statue, accompanied by Taras and Elsbeth, and the druid was able to lay the cold spot haunt to rest by way of a metal shard, the heat metal spell and specific instructions to Father Grimburrow on the burying and consecration of the metal sliver. The days research turned up information on two of the most notorious prisoners and more history of the prison fire. That evening they enjoyed Zokar’s newest creation, Stuffed Worg and bought a round or two of the house special drink, Pale Ghosts.

After a restful sleep and a morning shockingly devoid of anyone knocking on the door, the party returned to the temple and were able to research into the remaining prisoners’ names mentioned in Harrowstone’s history. That evening Kendra informed them of a town meeting called for the next day’s, Sunday, evening.

Following church services the next day, Mirram enticed one of the Councilmen into obtaining access to the town records; while the rest of the group did some checking up of local history on names and families uncovered in their previous research, Mirram was able to meet with Council Hearthmount and offered to assist the council in resolving the ongoing troubles.

That night, in the crowded town hall, the city council formally “announced” how the party had been working with the council to settle the village’s problems and that the council was now requesting that the group formalize their roles in the investigations. Without warning, the oil lamps lighting the room exploded, throwing burning oil about the room. The group began fighting the spreading fires as the panicked townspeople fled. As the flames began to come under control, several flaming skulls flew into the room and began attacking the remaining locals and the party. They were handily dispatched and the flames brought under control with the assistance of some of the assorted acquaintances the group has made. The council, realizing the hazard the party would be facing, offered an increase to their payment, as long as they are kept in the loop of the groups plans and deeds.

We ended with the group agreeing to the council’s offer and making their way back to Kendra’s house.

Days 7-12, Lamashan 15-20
Of Books and Blood

We picked back up with the party entering the temple records and conducting some further research into the Harrowstone prison and the Whispering Way. The next day, a Sunday, had some members attending services at the Pharasmin temple while the others took the day off and relaxed at Kendra’s house.

The group was awakened early on the morning of the 17th by one of the city deputies; the Harrowstone memorial statue had again been defaced (the shape of an “S”), and the sheriff assumed that the party would be interested, their previous good deeds getting them in farther with the locals. Investigation around the statue confirmed the previously seen boot prints but they were unable to track them very far into the woods. Taras, joined by deputy Riff, cleaned off the statue while the others enjoyed some more time off. Galifreyna vistied Alendru Ghoroven at the Unfurling Scroll and spent some time with his research materials, but was unable to turn up any new information. Unbeknownst to the rest of the group, Mirram began nightly outings to the statue, hiding in the woods to keep the grounds under watch while also avoiding the deputies who had been assigned a similar duty. The days of rest had, for her, been an adjustment of her sleep schedule to remain fully aware and prepared for the long, cool nights.

The 18th of Lamashan was another day of research, this time (if I recall) at the Lorrimor’s house, making use of the professor’s extensive library.

On following day, while wandering about the village, Elsbeth and Taras encounter a terrified young woman, carrying a sobbing child, running into town towards the temple. They follow her and arrive just in time to learn of an attack on her family by a group of reanimated skeletons in the Restlands; her husband and father are still there. Father Grimburrow sends a young priest, Padrik, to do what he can to help while the Father gathers acolytes for a proper response. The adventurers quickly accompany Padrik to the cemetery, getting there just as an older man is struck down while a younger man dispatches a skeleton with a stout length of tree branch. Elsbeth, Taras, and Padrik are able to destroy the skeletons and Padrik is able to rebuke death on the older man before he slips away. (Acolytes later arrive to tend to the reburial of the animated corpses.)

The group rests up for the remainder of the day, planning on staking out the memorial statue that night. As they make their way into position, Elsbeth is spotted by two on-duty deputies, also in-place in the woods. They send her on her way, but she is able to slip back into the trees, unseen. Several hours pass when Taras and Elsbeth find the area about them suddenly dropping in temperature, sapping away their Strength and even their very lives. After taking some damage, Taras runs out of the chilling area, alerting the deputies, who act under the assumption that this is the person desecrating the statue. In short order he is tackled, pinned, tied up, and being lead to jail, where a few poorly chosen phrases have the sheriff fully convinced that Taras is the perpetrator.

Back at the statue, Elsbeth, Mirram, and Galifreyna are able to piece together what they know about cold spots, and while Galifreyna seeks out Father Grimburrow, Elsbeth and Mirram work together to toss a bundle of flaming rags into the center of the cold spot…which also happens to catch the woods on fire. One of the deputies, Vrodish, returns and hastily begins fighting the growing fire, all the while calling for assistance from the nearby Elsbeth, Mirram having hidden back in the woods. Elsbeth refuses to assist, claiming that the area is evil and that the evil must be destroyed, attending only to flames to venture outside the area of effect she was earlier able to determine.

Deputy Vrodish finally gets the blaze under control and seizes Elsbeth to take her to the jail for purposely setting the forest on fire, putting the village at risk. She complies, willing to state her case before the sheriff. Galifreyna returns with Father Grimburrow, and after a brief discussion with Mirram, the three follow on to the jail to speak with the sheriff on the matter. With their stories backed up by Father Grimburrow, Elsbeth and Taras will only spend the night in jail and make a minor payment to the town for the disturbances. Father Grimburrow knows how to fully destroy to cold spot, but does not have the materials to do so; in the morning he will send for a druid in the nearby village of Spiral’s Bend to assist him.

Game ended on the morning of Lamashan 20. Taras and Elsbeth have been released after paying 5 sp each to the town coffers and having given their word to Sheriff Caeller to follow any orders from him or his deputies in the future.


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