Carrion Crown AP

Days 12-15, Lamashan 20-23

Of Words and Flames

With the sheriff’s “temporary guests” released, the group met back together at Kendra’s house to plan out the day. They were interrupted by Melchor Runarios, a Chelish farmer whose crops were being ravaged every few nights. He also reported finding large holes in the ground near his fields and seeing greenish-yellow lights in the fields in the early mornings.

The party spent the day digging through Professor Lorrimor’s library, uncovering some more of the history of Harrowstone and the prisoners present during the fire in 4661. After spending several hours in rest that evening, they set out to the Runarios farm, pausing briefly to inspect the goods of a tinker who was in town for the night. A harper traveling with the tinker entertained the townsfolk while they browsed the tinker’s wares. Unfortunately this situation also attracted the attention of several stirges, who attacked the nearby party members. The group made short work of the over-large blodsuckers and continued on to the farm.

Before dawn the next morning, the group found light shining from various holes about the farmer’s field as several cat-sized insects crawled out of the ground and began feasting on the crops (except for one introduced to the joys of Feather Token, Anchor…) The glowing vermin (Fire Beetles) were quickly dispatched and some of their still luminescent guts collected, and later given to Zokar.

Returning to the Lorrimor house, Taras answered an incessant banging on the door and found himself face to face with his old pal Sheriff Caeller and 2 deputies, gently inquiring as to the party’s doing of the night before. The blood-splattering vandal had struck again, this time drawing a large “O” but at the gazebo in the town square instead of the now-watched statue. The well-trod ground did not offer up any clues and the group made their way to the temple for more research, arriving in time to be greeted by a gnomish druid from the nearby town of Spiral’s Bend.

The druid introduced herself as Lorien Alyssia Romana Astrian Shaduron, and spoke briefly with Mirram as the Father was collected. They walked to the memorial statue, accompanied by Taras and Elsbeth, and the druid was able to lay the cold spot haunt to rest by way of a metal shard, the heat metal spell and specific instructions to Father Grimburrow on the burying and consecration of the metal sliver. The days research turned up information on two of the most notorious prisoners and more history of the prison fire. That evening they enjoyed Zokar’s newest creation, Stuffed Worg and bought a round or two of the house special drink, Pale Ghosts.

After a restful sleep and a morning shockingly devoid of anyone knocking on the door, the party returned to the temple and were able to research into the remaining prisoners’ names mentioned in Harrowstone’s history. That evening Kendra informed them of a town meeting called for the next day’s, Sunday, evening.

Following church services the next day, Mirram enticed one of the Councilmen into obtaining access to the town records; while the rest of the group did some checking up of local history on names and families uncovered in their previous research, Mirram was able to meet with Council Hearthmount and offered to assist the council in resolving the ongoing troubles.

That night, in the crowded town hall, the city council formally “announced” how the party had been working with the council to settle the village’s problems and that the council was now requesting that the group formalize their roles in the investigations. Without warning, the oil lamps lighting the room exploded, throwing burning oil about the room. The group began fighting the spreading fires as the panicked townspeople fled. As the flames began to come under control, several flaming skulls flew into the room and began attacking the remaining locals and the party. They were handily dispatched and the flames brought under control with the assistance of some of the assorted acquaintances the group has made. The council, realizing the hazard the party would be facing, offered an increase to their payment, as long as they are kept in the loop of the groups plans and deeds.

We ended with the group agreeing to the council’s offer and making their way back to Kendra’s house.



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